FONCAP Private Equity Fund

foncap private equity fund 1

Our Private Equity Funds are Impact Funds that make investments establish the balance between social, environmental and economic benefits. Born as an alternative, to respond to the need of public and private sectors, organizations that protect the environment and civil society in general to work together to channel Investment projects that favor or focus on the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to 2030, or simply benefit current environmental and social conditions, through Impact Investments, aimed at contributing to closing some of the gaps we have today.

FORE Reductions Market Fund is currently in the market, it is a private Capital Fund that aims to invest in assets and initiatives that allow reducing the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), especially in the energy and industrial sectors, to through environmentally and socially sustainable investments, taking into account financial profitability criteria.

In the case of FORE, they are programs, projects, actions or activities developed at the national or regional level whose purpose is to avoid, reduce, remove and / or capture GHG (greenhouse effect gases), emissions derived mainly from deforestation and the degradation of forests, combustion of fossil fuels, change in land use among others, which affects the balance of radiation of the planet, and therefore has a potential for global warming.

FORE combines high impact initiatives in favor of the environment, with attractive returns for investors interested in promoting sustainable investments for the planet. FORE becomes a channel of resources for investors who seek impact management and mobilize their investments to direct their resources towards initiatives that contribute to the control of climate change.

This collective awareness will allow greater growth and development of projects, whose interventions and results will contribute to balance environmental, economic and social sustainability.