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Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Universidad Javeriana). Finance Specialist (Universidad de los Andes) and PDD (Inalde).

30 years of experience:

  • VISSO Consultores SAS - CEO
  • Pizano S.A. - CEO – CPO and CFO
  • IFI -Investments VP and CFO
  • Colombian Advisor in Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica - BCEI - (Multilateral Bank)
  • Pensiones Voluntarias Colfondos (Citibank)- Manager
  • Portfolio management experience in more than 32 enterprises
  • USD 2 billions in financing and funding
  • Board Director Member: Acciones y Valores (Current), Fiduciaria Industrial S.A., Propal S.A. Monómeros Colombo Venezolanos, Proyectos de Infraestructura S.A., Devinorte, Coinvertir, C.C.I. Credit and risk Committees member

Guest Specialist

Bachelor’s degree in Biology– (U. Nacional de Colombia), MSc (Southern Illinois University- Carbondale).

38 years of experience: design, assembly, operation and control of animal and forest production systems; planning and design of environmental impact studies and environmental management plans for industrial and agro-industrial production processes; environmental auditing.

Lecturer and national and international consultant, book editor and author of scientific publications, experience in the design of projects funded by international organizations.

Forestal Monterrey Colombia and GWR Forestal Monterrey Manager Fedemaderas Chairman of the Board (2009-2017) Colciencias Advisory Committee Member.

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Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Universidad Nacional), Finance Specialist ( Universidad de los Andes), Marketing Management Specialist (Universidad del Rosario)

15 years of experience in investment banking, finance and planning

  • Visso Consultores SAS Partner (Structuring and Management of Capital Funds, Green Bonds, Impact Investments), Trigono Partner (Investment Bank), Investment Banking Manager. Corficolombiana, IFI Financial Planning Manager
  • USD 1.5 billion mobilized through capital markets and syndicated loans, financial structuring, asset strengthening, sale of assets and investments and transfer of assets and liabilities.
  • Boards of Directors: Proyectos de Infraestructura S.A., Cenfer, Promagro SA


Guest Specialist

Bachelor's degree in Finance and International Relations with corporate finance emphasis (Universidad Externado de Colombia). MSc in Finance (University of Strathclyde)

Pizano S.A., Executive Assistant to the CEO, Banco Bogotá, Credit Analyst, Research Assistant of the consultancy program between Finance, Government, and International Relations department of Universidad Externado de Colombia and Social Prosperity Department (DPS) of the National Government.

Knowledge of Investment Decisions, Companies Appraisal and Project Finance