Strategic Team

Strategic Ally

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration(Universidad de los Andes), Ms in International Economy, Energy and Environment (Johns Hopkins University) Climate Change Diplome( Harvard University)

More than 25 years of international experience in projects development, environment, energy, and climate change:

  • Project Leader (World Bank) and International Advisor (World Bank, IDB, CAF, IFC ,PNUD)
  • Carbo Sostenible SAS CEO (Carbon Projects Development)
  • Renewable Energy, Cogeneration Projects Advisor, also Interconnectivity Projects Advisor in Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico
  • Project Development of energy generation (150 MW) to support energy (Colombia)

Guest Specialist

Psychologist, MS in Communities Psychology (U. Javeriana). Specialist in advanced research, evaluation methods and techniques applied to the social sciences (PIIE, Santiago de Chile). Fundraising Management Diplome (London Fundraising Institute).

Vice- President of Innovation and Knowledge, Director at Plan Internacional, Colombia; Senior Director in Accion Internacional and Manager of the "Dialogo de Gestiones” program. Leader of: Technical Assistance; Cooperation; Knowledge Management, Evaluation and Innovation; and Project Implementation areas.

University professor, national and international lecturer and advisor, several publications author. Experience in the direction of high-impact, and sustainable programs in Colombia and Latin America and the Caribbean. High experience in programs with a focus on rights, social and gender inclusion.

Guest Specialist

Agroindustrial Production Engineer (U. de la Sabana), MSc Innovation Economy and Administration (Chalmers University of Technology).

Project Manager in USAID, Research of the Space, Earth and Environment Department in the Chalmers University of Technology.
Renewable energy consultant at the Swedish Energy Agency, Quality and Innovation Director at Corporación Colombia Internacional

Experience in the design and management of programs for the development of value chains; access to financial services; and capabilities creation in local governments and civil society organizations to study the prospects for biofuels certification under sustainability parameters.

Guest professor at the University of Osnabruck (Germany).

Guest Specialist

Bachelor’s degree in Economy (Universidad Javeriana).

International consultant expert in urban and rural microfinance, Individual methodologies and communal banking. Participation in the design and implementation of financing to value chains, also in the business strengthening plan for Associations in Tumaco, Buenaventura and Cartagena.

Advisor of entities such as Fundación para la Cooperación Synergia, Integra Grupo Consultor, Fundación Amanecer Aecom, Chemonics, USAID in Colombia and Banca de las Oportunidades. Technical assistance to 9 entities in 8 Latin American countries

Guest Specialist

Hotel Administration Technologist (F. U. INPAHU). Updates in: Heritage and Culture, also in Tourist Information (U. Externado), Financial Area and Decision Making (F.U. INPAHU)

Expert on sustainable processes with planning and implementation of community tourism as a strategy for socio-cultural and economic reinforcement of the regions and the communities. Expert in the design of tourism products with specific community emphasis in Chocó, San Andrés, Valledupar, La Guajira, Mompox, La Macarena, Mitú, Buenaventura, among others.

Professor at: SENA, Fundación Universitaria INPAHU, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Avia Export. Ministry of Tourism Consultant, Corporación para la Investigación Socioeconómica y Tecnológica de Colombia CINSET, Fundación Creata, Aidalid in Market, and Fundacion Orienta Consultant. Multiple travel agencies and tour operators.