About Us

Visso Consultores is a consulting services company focusing on environmental and social responsible impact investments with financial returns, specialized in structuring, management and investment of private equity funds.

In Visso, green, social and sustainable ties are the fundamental nucleus, for this reason it has a multidisciplinary team with experience in structuring and implementing Investments with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and initiatives that are friendly to the environment and getting funding to finance companies and projects in various sectors. Visso has a multidisciplinary team with a background in:

  • Investment Projects with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmentally friendly initiatives
  • USD 3.5 billions of capital, gathering capital and funding
  • Members of Visso team have more than 30 years of experience
  • Risk project analysis
  • Legal energy advisory
  • Regulation and structuring

Value Proposition

Our scope includes structuring alternatives to get the required funds for developing projects and initiatives through credit or direct investment. Visso has the perfect team with environmental, social and finance experience to contribute to every stage of the project implementation. Hence, we do the following activities:

  • Investment Opportunities Identification- Project Structuring with Corporate Social Responsibility criteria.
  • Additional revenue structuring
  • Getting funding to finance the development of the projects
  • Analyses of alternatives to get tax benefits because of CSR projects implementation
  • Practising methodologies and well-known standards to develop the initiatives and join them in the social balance of the companies
  • Accompaniment in the implementation of the programs, when required